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We are a community of
Registered Dietitians (RD), Nutrition Students/Dietetic Interns (RD2B),
and Nutrition Professionals.

We #stand4science – Not Sensationalism or Pseudoscience


Founded in 2014, Buildup Dietitians is a global social media presence dedicated to promoting science-based nutrition messages. The team of dietitians (#TeamBUD) that curates Buildup Dietitians content represent dietitians from different countries around the world.

Buildup Dietitians is committed to working with sponsors that share our values of promoting science and evidence-based information on food, nutrition, farming, and agriculture topics. To that end, we have and will continue to work with boards, organizations, associations, and check-off programs that place a high value on providing education to nutrition professionals. We see great value in sharing information and resources through our platform so our highly-engaged followers can better communicate with and inform their patients, clients, and the public.


Leah McGrath RD, LDNLeah McGrath, RD, LDN,  started Buildup Dietitians (BUD) in 2014 at a time when it seemed there was a lot of negativity and criticism about dietitians. She regularly saw groups, social media accounts and pages, individuals and the media accusing dietitians of lacking integrity. Having been a dietitian for almost two decades at that point, she knew that the profession deserved better treatment and a more positive space to encourage and celebrate accomplishments. The Facebook Page she established is followed by dietitians, nutrition students, DTRs (Dietetic Technician, Registered)  around the world and  has been called a “global social media presence”.  In 2017, when the number of followers passed 25,000, she reached out to fellow dietitians for help out with content and administration of the page. Currently there are 8 other dietitians and nutrition students in the US, UK, and Spain who assist in running the Facebook platform, its Facebook groups and help with various events.

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