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Learn about different food, nutrition, and agriculture topics in previous Facebook Live videos.

These are only a selection of recent videos — there are many more! Check out our YouTube channel here to see the rest.

Tim Caulfield - Professor of Health Law, University of Alberta

Rupal Shah - Private Practice Dietitian, Eat Right with Rupal

Jennifer Schmidt - Dietitian and Farmer, @dirtdietitian

Kathy Wilson-Gold - Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation

Dylan Bailey - Cultures of Gender and Age Member Interest Group

Missy Schaaphok - Product Development Dietitian, Taco Bell

Tamara Melton - Diversify Dietetics and Tamara's Table

Michele Payn - Speaker and Author, Cause Matters Corp.

Christine Byrne - Eating Disorder Dietitian, Christine Byrne Nutrition

Tessa Nguyen - Chef and Dietitian, Taste Nutrition Consulting

Cami Ryan - Social Sciences Lead, Bayer Crop Sciences

Anthony Warner - Chef and Author, The Angry Chef

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